Common troubles and solutions for aerial work platform series

2022-06-21 15:28:05
MalfunctionCause analysisTroubleshooting
Pump station does not workPower failure, fuse blownReplace the fuse
The platform does not riseHydraulic oil frozenReplace with antifreeze hydraulic oil
Lifting crawling or hydraulic system vibrationInsufficient hydraulic oil, air inhaledAdd enough hydraulic oil to remove air
Pipe and joint oil leakageThe joint nut is loose; the O-ring seal is invalid; the pipe is aged and damaged.Tighten the joint nut. Replace the O-ring seal. Replace the damaged pipe.
Platform drops automaticallyThe hydraulic system leaks oil; there is foreign matter in the solenoid valve; the solenoid valve body is worn;Check the oil leak and repair it. Clean the solenoid valve. Replace the solenoid valve.
The platform does not fallThe scissor is stuck or there is a foreign object in the roller groove;Hydraulic oil frozen;Repair the card and clear the wheel slot. Replace with anti-hydraulic oil.