Technological innovation promotes mergers and acquisitions of construction machinery manufacturing

2022-06-21 10:03:18

At present, the new round of technological revolution is in the start-up period, and new breakthroughs are brewing in several important fields. The international industrial division of labor and trade pattern will undergo deep adjustment. Most of China's construction machinery industry is at the low end of the international division of labor, and will face severe challenges. Taking the construction of high-speed railways, highways and large ports in China as an example, these fields have put forward high reliability and high precision requirements for construction machinery, and the process of high-end engineering machinery is inevitable. Integrating the strength of each company and concentrating the advantages of different companies will surely become another important driving force for the growth of the construction machinery industry. In 2009, the “Opinions of Relevant Departments on Promoting Mergers and Acquisitions of Enterprises” was published, and the machinery manufacturing industry to which construction machinery belongs is listed as one of the key industries for the promotion and merger of the state.

It is also based on the understanding of the objective environment that many leading enterprises in the construction machinery industry, while locating the domestic market, enhance their own resource strength by acquiring well-known foreign engineering machinery enterprises and R&D institutions, or through overseas promotion and international standards. To speed up the layout of the international market. For example, the acquisition of the brand of Italian CIFA and Sany Heavy Industry by Red Star Machine has become a bright spot in the development of China's construction machinery industry.

In addition to the path of mergers and acquisitions, efforts to innovate and build high-end products cannot be ignored. Taking Henan Guangming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as an example, as a national fixed-point transportation machinery manufacturer, from the production of agricultural machinery products to the popular Weiken forklift, this enterprise product has completed the layout of domestic and foreign markets. The reason why Henan Guangming can successfully transform, the contribution of science and technology is indispensable.